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Naso Assemble to Seek Independence

This weekend Panama celebrates 192 years of independence from Spanish rule, as do many indigenous cultures who arrived long before the conquistadors from Spain. The Guna, Embera, Wounaan, Bugle & Ngobe cultures thrived independently on the land bridge now called … Continue reading


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Our Trashed Rivers: Cleaning up America’s Waterways

With so much attention paid to climate change these days, it can be easy to forget that there are other pressing threats to our environment. Familiar problems such as litter and illegal dumping are still as prevalent today as they … Continue reading

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Tjër Di Naso to seek Comarca for Conservation Autonomy in their Ancestral Territory to Protect Natural Resources from Developers

The UK’s Darwin Initiative funded a three-year project in 2006 led by London’s Natural History Museum in La Amistad International Park, Naso territory.  Some 12,000 species from two continents were documented, more than two dozen new to science.  Shortly after … Continue reading

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